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Members of the Legacy Center experience a community like no other! Our Hybrid Campus offers both Digital and Physical Membership Benefits to provide In-Person Networking PLUS 24/7 Learning and Mentorship opportunities.

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Gain exclusive access to the State-Of-The-Art 2.6 acre Blackhouse campus where you have the opportunity to rub shoulders and network with like-minded professionals, influencer partners and other mission driven members. Relax in a comfortable & professional setting using any of the following campus facilities during your visit.

  • Content Studio
  • Media Production Space
  • Podcast Room
  • Café & Lounge
  • Training Room
  • Front Lawn & Shaded Pergola
  • Community Garden
  • Private Classroom
  • Single Desk Space

Over 100+ Annual Events!

Gain exclusive access to the State-Of-The-Art 2.6 acre Blackhouse campus where you have the opportunity to rub shoulders and network with like-minded professionals, influencer partners and other mission driven members. Relax in a comfortable & professional setting using any of the following campus facilities during your visit

  • 4+ Conferences Per Year
  • Monthly Mixers & Networking Events
  • Members Only Receptions, Brunches & Meetups
  • Community Panels, Bootcamps & Forums
  • Onsite & Virtual Financial Literacy Trainings
  • Entrepreneurial & Investment Workshops
  • Social and Political Empowerment Classes
  • Live Studio Audience Podcast Recordings
  • Couples Game Night & Speed Dating
  • African American Repair Curriculum Sessions
  • Self Defense & Community Garden Workshops

Weekly Group Video Wealth Sessions

Join us your mentors and coaches every week for a relaxed yet structured opportunity for interactive guidance. Legacy Center Members receive:

  • Weekly login link and reminders
  • Q&A Opportunities
  • Deal evaluation assistance
  • Access to all replays

Your Black Business BlaKQ Card

What good is a DOPE group of super motivated, culturally proud individuals on a mission to build up our next generation if we don't SUPPORT BLACK BUSINESS?!? We've gathered some of the hottest, hardworking entrepreneurs excited about partnering with the Legacy Center community and to offer very exciting PERKS to our members. Here's some of what you can expect:

  • A Digital & Physical Card
  • Preferred Seating
  • Free Desserts
  • Discounts
  • & More

Details for participating establishments and what perk applies, will be provided.

24/7 Access To Our E-Campus

Access our FULL Catalogue of courses Day or Night at your convenience. This expansive library is available with full unrestricted access to all LC Members for the lifetime of your membership. Digital Course selections include education on a expansive number of topics such as:

  • Homebuying Basics
  • Business Incorporation & Taxes
  • Real Estate Investing
  • How To Purchase Apartment Buildings
  • Rebuilding or Restoring your personal and/or Business Credit

And So Much More In-Between

"Every Business Needs Real Estate, Every Family Needs Real Estate, Every Nation Needs Real Estate. God Ain't Making No More Land!"

- Jay Morrison

This particular pillar is important to what our community stands for because once you learn strategy, it's REPEATABLE. You can do it over and over and over again an unlimited amount of times. THIS is the kind of plan and mindset needed to TRULY pass down wealth. Lack of knowledge is the enemy

Lectures & Trainings Taught By Million+ Earners

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As A Bonus Legacy Center Members Receive Access To Over 30 Years Combined Real Estate Experience From Real Estate Coaches Jay & Art Morrison.

About The Mentorship:

Exclusive Access To The Following:

  • Weekly Mentorship
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 100% Financing & Private Lenders
  • Real Estate Deals
  • Community Of Investors

Over 100 Digital Courses

Real Estate Roadmap

What You'll Learn:

  • Homeownership
  • ​Real Estate Wholesaling
  • ​Starting Your RE Investing Firm
  • 100% Financing
  • Building Your Real Estate Team
  • ​Real Estate Buying and Holding
  • ​Commercial Real Estate Strategies
  • ​Advanced Capital Raising Strategies
  • ​Plus More!!!!

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With Over 500,000 Students Taught

The Success Stories Are What Drives Us

We are a "Front Lines" type of community. We encourage intelligent thought processes and dialogue around "Solutions" for our people

About The Course:

This comprehensive 24 lesson course dives deep into the various strategies for understanding & investing in property and land including how to go about becoming a full time Real Estate Entrepreneur, steps for Buying Your First home, Flipping, & Wholesaling Houses!

Real Estate Mastery

What You'll Learn:

  • Introduction To Real Estate
  • Real Estate Owner Strategies
  • Using Credit To Invest in Real Estate
  • ​Financing Your Deals
  • ​Building Your Real Estate Team
  • ​Branding Your Company
  • ​Lead Generation
  • ​Wholesaling
  • ​Buying & Flipping Real Estate
  • ​Deal Evaluation
  • ​Deal Negotiations 
  • ​Tax Strategies 
  • ​Raising Capital To Purchase Real Estate

About The Course:

A comprehensive program designed to teach you the intricate details of building and running a successful business starting with how to conduct research to correctly identifying your business model and unique selling proposition.

Learn strategies to increase your self-mastery and self-discipline and pair that with detailed breakdowns of business systems, processes and operations including Customer Service, Marketing, Building a Team, Financial Controls and Accounting, Business Credit and Funding, Business Legal Formations & Partnerships and much more.

Business Mastery

What You'll Learn:

  • How to become a real estate entrepreneur 
  • ​The power of property and ownership
  • ​How to purchase your first 1-4 Unit home 
  • ​How to purchase your first 1-4 Unit home 
  • ​Residential Real Estate Investing “Hacks”
  • ​How to facilitate “no money down” and “no credit” real estate wholesale deals
  • ​​How to evaluate fix & flips and forecast your ROI
  • How to extract the equity in your home through refinancing or HELOC’s for tax free profits
  • How to profit from real estate short sales and foreclosures​
  • ​How to profit from tax lien investing and property auctions
  • ​How to build and brand your real estate business
  • ​How to build a comprehensive real estate team
  • ​How to begin in commercial real estate
  • ​Creative real estate financing strategies
  • ​Real estate tax mitigation strategies for wealth retention
  • ​Plus more!!!!

About The Course:

This comprehensive program is made up the 3 pillars necessary to start and grow a real estate portfolio and a successful business.

Each of the included courses contain 24 video lessons on all of the fundamentals of that topic. This content has been praised for being thorough as well as relatable for entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs looking to understand the fundamentals straight through to more of the advanced content and strategies.  

Credit Mastery

What You'll Learn:

  • Credit Philosophy
  • ​Credit Score
  • ​Credit Score Myths
  • ​Building Your Credit
  • ​Interest Rates
  • ​Debt To Income Ratio​
  • ​Credit Types
  • ​Credit Card Management
  • ​Student Loans​
  • ​Auto Financing
  • ​Leveraging Credit
  • ​Business Credit​
  • ​Bankruptcy
  • ​Credit Delinquencies
  • ​Collection Agencies
  • ​Credit Monitoring
  • ​Credit Terminology

About The Course:

This 13 Lesson Course cuts right to the chase and reveals the EXACT Blueprint to execute on this No risk, No money down, Real estate strategy ANYONE CAN DO from ANYWHERE

Wholesale Mastery

What You'll Learn:

  • The Wholesale Play

  • ​Lead Generation
  • ​The Perfect Business Model
  • ​Company Structuring
  • ​How To Build Your Wholesale Team
  • ​Lead Management
  • ​How To Evaluate A Deal
  • ​Appointment Mastery
  • ​How To Deliver Your Offer To A Seller
  • ​What Is Co-Wholesaling
  • ​How To Build Your Cash Buyers List KPI/RGA Tracking & Reporting
  • ​KPI/RGA Tracking & Reporting
  • ​How To Overcome Seller Objections

Here's What You'll Get!

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